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  • 翔泰品質

    Natural Feed

    The self-developed feed is made only from natural raw materials such as grain and fish meal. Naturally assured, the safety of the fish is guaranteed from the source.


    Sterile Workshop Processing

    Modern processing workshops, equipped with modern assembly line processing equipment, using information management system, have nearly 2,000 skilled workers. The whole process is low temperature operation, disinfection and sterilization are carried out in the whole area in order to ensure clean and sterile.

    Self-built Test Center That Has Passed CANS(17025) Certification

    Self-built test center with CANS (17025) certificate, set up an excellent inspection team and equipped with modern aquatic product testing facilities. The test center passed the on-site audit of the USFDA with zero non-compliance, passed the CANS (17025) certification, more than 20 items were certified.From raw materials to finished products to achieve self-inspection and self-control,strict quality control to ensure that the final products in the hands of consumers are safe and reassuring.

    Excellent Quality And Achievement

    For the high quality requirements, the products have passed more than 10 international certifications such as BRC, ACC, IFS, GGAP, BAP, ASC, etc. At the same time, the company has won the national agricultural industrialization key leading enterprises, provincial famous brand products, provincial famous trademarks, Hainan Province's first government quality award nomination prize, Hainan Province "poverty alleviation leading enterprises" and other honors.






    Products That Can Be Safely Consumed

    Hainan Province Famous Brand Product Certificate

    Hainan Provincial Government Quality Award Nomination Prize

    Agricultural Product Processing Enterprise Technology Innovation Institution

    Key Leading Enterprises in Agricultural Industrialization

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